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Vita Charge® HydraBoost™ Concentrate - 1 Gallon Vita Charge® HydraBoost™ Concentrate - 1 Gallon

A unique, nutrient rich liquid supplement for commercial swine and poultry that increases water and feed intake and maintains gut immunity, thereby increasing overall health and rapidly restoring digestive balance.


Provides the support needed to help animals recover from the post-weaning stress of moving from mother's milk to dry feed.


Contains two ingredients to support the animal’s ability to fight off stress; Amaferm® to ensure that feed intake stays consistent and MOS to trap bad bacteria limiting their ability to do harm. It also contains electrolytes, organic Zinc, the antioxidant Vitamin E and B vitamins.


Amaferm® is a natural prebiotic designed to boost animal resilience to challenges. It is research-proven to improve water and nutrient absorption while protecting the gut against infection/damage by stimulating the animal’s innate immunity.

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Price: $94.94