Biozyme, Inc.
Care That Comes Full Circle

For over 50 years, BioZyme Incorporated has been an innovative company in the agricultural fields of animal nutrition and microbiology. We focus on the highest quality proprietary products, with the objective of improving animal performance and health, naturally. We offer a complete line of high density, highly available vitamin, mineral, trace mineral and protein supplements for animals. The secret ingredient that allows our products to consistently out perform the competition is the most researched direct fed microbial on the market Amaferm. The spark that ignited Biozyme occurred in 1968, when our founder, Larry Ehlert, purchased the rights to develop and market a unique microbial process and product that would become the foundation of Biozyme’s approach to animal nutrition. Now known as Amaferm, years of comprehensive research and development have resulted in products specifically designed to enhance health through improved absorption and utilization of the valuable nutrients in feeds. Research continues to be our strength and today, Amaferm continues to be the most researched direct-fed microbial on the market. To visit our Corporate Website, click here: Biozyme, Inc Corporate Site