VitaFerm® Cattleman's Blend - 50lb Bag Vita Charge® Stress Tub MOS
Our Price: $32.31
Our Price: $58.38
VitaFerm with the AMAFERM Advantage
Be prepared to face and recover from stresses of weaning, showing, vaccination, and traveling.
This 50 lb. tub allows livestock to conveniently get their daily dose of Vita Charge in a pen setting. Also contains Bio-Mos®, which traps bad bacteria in the digestive tract. This ensures feed intake stays consistent and keeps digestive upsets at bay.

Recommended Feeding Directions:
Feed ¼ to ½ lb. per head per day. As a guide, provide 1 tub for 5 to 15 head.  Free choice salt should be provided.

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