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For over 50 years, BioZyme Incorporated has been an innovative company in the agricultural fields of animal nutrition and microbiology. We focus on the highest quality proprietary products, with the objective of improving animal performance and health, naturally.
We offer a complete line of high density, highly available vitamin, mineral, trace mineral and protein supplements for animals. The secret ingredient that allows our products to consistently out perform the compeition is the most researched direct fed microbial on the market Amaferm.
We are excited to now be able to offer our products to you via our new online store.  To get started, just select a species type!

All Products Contain the Amaferm Advantage
Amaferm is a direct-fed microbial that contains unique metabolites scientifically .
All Natural
Formulated to support the natural diets desired for today’s animals.
Boosts Vitality Even During Stress
Helps to make vital nutrients more available even during change and stress.
Promotes Wellness
Unlocks nutrients on the inside needed to support health and condition on the outside.
Assists Digestion
Capitalizes the full benefits of diets for animals of any age (seniors too) or condition.