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Vitalize® is a line of supplements for horses and dogs that contain BioZyme®’s precision-based prebiotics to improve digestive health and gut integrity, keeping your animal healthy and performing.

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Vitalize® Dog Recovery Gel Vitalize® Horse Treats Vitalize® Equine Recovery Gel - 30ml tube
Vitalize® Dog - 1lb Jar Vitalize® Alimend® K9 Vitalize® Equine Protein Pellet - 40lb Bag
Vitalize® Equine Digest More® Plus - 10 lb. bag Vitalize® Equine Free Choice - 50lb Bag Vitalize® Equine High Performance - 40lb Bag
Vitalize® Alimend® - 64 oz Bottle Vitalize® Equine Digest More® Plus - 40 lb. bag Vitalize® Alimend® - 1 Gallon Jug
Vitalize® Dog - 40lb Bucket